Taylor Little
Taylor Little @taylorlittle

Oatmeal Babes

Jordan Capri, Taylor Little, and Ronni Tuscadero have an all out brawl in a pool full of oatmeal! See these hotties roll around and get messy!
Location: Outdoor, Backyard
Clothing: Tank top, Panties
Panty Color: Pink, White
Action: Softcore
Niche/ Fetish: Lesbian, Sorority, Foodplay, Sploshing

Taylor Little
Taylor Little @taylorlittle


Taylor and her friends Jordan and Ronni have fun in bed making out in their PJ's and misbehaving!

Location: Indoors, Bed
Model: Taylor Little, Jordan Capri, Ronni Tuscadero
Clothing: PJ's, Panties
Panty Color: Varied
Action: Stripping, Boob Play, Kissing
Niche/ Fetish: Multi Girl, Sorority, Boobs, Lesbian

Taylor Little
Taylor Little @taylorlittle

Jordan 9

Two naughty schoolgirls are studying and end up paddling each other and licking their pussies!

Location: Indoors, Bed
Model: Taylor Little, Jordan Capri
Clothing: Shirts, Panties, Skirts
Panty Color: White
Action: Stripping, Boob Play, Upskirts, Kissing, Paddling, Pussy Licking
Niche/ Fetish: Multi Girl, Sorority, Boobs, Lesbian, Upskirts, Oral Sex

Taylor Little
Taylor Little @taylorlittle

Taylor Pov I

Watch the sexy and sultry, Taylor Little, giving a spectacular blowjob!!

Location: Indoor, Livingroom
Model: Taylor Little
Clothing: Pink Tank Top, Jean Mini-Skirt
Panty Color: None
Action: Hardcore, BLowjob
Niche/Fetish: Blowjob

Taylor Little
Taylor Little @taylorlittle

Brandy Taylor Masturbate

Brandy Didder and Taylor Little exchange masturbating tips!

Location: Couch
Model: Brandy Didder, Taylor Little
Clothing: Tank Top, Shorts
Panty Color: None
Action: Kissing, Masturbating
Niche/ Fetish: Sorority, Lesbian